The ABEER AYASH Jewelry is a creation of bespoke and original designs that are intended to connect the wearer to their infinite essence.

Stones, shapes, and inscriptions are all a manifestation of energy vibrating on different wavelengths, and thus when worn on a finger or around the neck, they will create a resonance to the essence that they serve.

Through my intuitive connection with the source and by being guided into channeling and creating designs, I created the ABEER AYASH Jewelry to enhance and physically manifest that connection to the source of pure awareness. Each design has and serves a purpose and a function and does affect the energy field of the energetic and physical body.

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How does it work?
Below is a small write in which I share with you my understanding and realizations about the art of jewelry.

Humans have used jewelry and ornaments since the beginning of their awareness. Every thing that was created had a vital functionality, starting with covering the body with cloths, to protect from heat and cold, to creating hunting tools, sleeping and living spaces. As the awareness of man expanded and reached a realization and connection with the subtle dimensions, Man discovered the energy body and fields in his environment and its interconnectedness with earth elements.

Metals and precious stones are incubated in the womb of earth for ions of years, and as a result of the pressure, heat and natural chemical bonding, a variety of gems and metals get formed.

Given that the earth is a living being, and every living being has a consciousness and awareness, this awareness is forever present in the inhabitants of its womb.

Metals and stones not only have consciousness and awareness, they also vibrate and resonate this awareness in a magnetic fields that connects to the energy grid of earth and the galaxy.

Gold for instance, holds an intrinsic resonance with the divine consciousness and has a powerful conductive ability. Kings and queens wore crowns of gold and precious stones to funnel that energy through the crown chakra, which is the energy center that connects with the divine spirit.

Each stone vibrates on a certain wavelength and each wavelength has an awareness. An amethyst is worn on the forehead situated in alignment of the third eye (energy center for intuition and creation) as well as the pineal gland in which the blue print of the body DNA resides and the growth hormone for healing and regeneration is created. Such jewelry is recognized in the Egyptian head ornaments, where a snake erects majestically. Similar to a snakes ability to paralyze the senses of its prey by splashing the venom in their eyes, the third eye is center of insight that is used to hypnotize others by sending vibrational signals, subliminal messages and powers.

Similarly, necklaces that cover the chest and heart area are highly valued and sought. The chest holds the most vital organ in the body, the heart. It also holds the energy gateway to the divine bliss, the source of creation. Scientist have recently discovered that the heart has 5000 times stronger magnetic field than the brain, and it is the heart that sends the information to the brain to function and survive and not the other way around. Wearing a gemstone that resonates an energy of love, peace openness, forgiveness and tenderness embodies the ultimate goal of the human experience. In addition, it is in the chest above the heart that sits the thymus gland, the center of the cell regeneration, immune system and health defender.

Similarly, wearing rings on certain fingers in the hands serve the purpose of channeling the energy of the gold and gemstone into the body and assists in elevating, strengthening and energizing the auric field of the body.

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