If nothing ever changed, there wouldn't be butterflies!

Change is the law of nature in which we are constantly in an evolving chain of movement. Horizontal, vertical, the cycle is spinning, and all we have to do, is just tune into nature to realize it. In BEYOND I invite you to venture into a voyage within nature, within yourself. The within is the unending path of discovery, where infinity starts and ends only to start again.

'What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us. (Ralph Waldo 'Emerson). Realizing this inner reoccurring ever-surprising world, we conclude how we are all connected, and only then can we claim our powers.

In BEYOND I aim to echo the universe. The sun is in pure gold emitting swirling sprays of heat, in a sophist infinite circular movement. It is engulfed with gold and silver, and circumferenced w ith Citrine - the sun stone – on a bed of Moonstone. An echo of the universe and the enigmatic galaxies prevail itself.

Above the sun, the sky is divided into night and day. Flickering Tourmaline and Garnet stars float on a Turquoise and Lapis cloud. In the east, the sun shines in Blue Topaz and lustrous Peridot and Tourmaline.

In the south, mother earth is pregnant with water - Turquoise and Lapis - and blazing lava of Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Garnet, and Rhodolite. Layers of triangular silver sheets, move vertically, in a perspective angle, mirroring the tree of life, which is majestically stretching leaves of Emerald, Citrine, and Chrisoprase.

The Tree is entrenching its roots in Amethyst and Citrine, and inhaling the vibrant vigor of Garnet, and Agate. In this composition, a demonstration of balance is played.

The creation is in a reoccurring state of existence, air, water, fire, earth, and spirit (pure energy) are the components of all beings.

‘We begin as grains in the soil, and stretch like trees to the skies, and bloom and prosper, until we travel again into the soil "For what is it to die, But to stand in the sun and melt into the wind? And when the Earth has claimed our limbs, Then we shad truly dance.” (Gibran Khalil Gibran)

In between sky and earth, four domed gateways in a triangular perspective mirroring again the spiral energetic shape. Inside each door, there is a spiral representation of Man in silver and gold wires. 'We start our spiritual journeys spinning on our axes and we stretch transcendentally, going through phases of growth, drenched in pleasure and pain, until we reach an ultimate of a holistic serenity, where we vibrate in pure energy.

BEYOND is about us, a ceremony of life and death, celebration of Man and the creation, where 'WE becomes the ONE, and the ONE manifests in WE. It is a paradox of pure metaphysical logic. BEYOND holds in it the past, creates in it the here and now, and manifests itself in the future. "All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered, the point is to discover them." (Galileo) and I say, to remember is to realize that ‘We are: the Beyond.

"Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting,
The soul that rises with us, our life's star,
Hath had elsewhere its setting,
And cometh from afar,
Not in entire forgetfulness, And not in utter nakedness,
But trailing clouds of glory do we come,
From god, who is our home"
(William Wordsworth)