I Am Walking On Fire

21 November 2012 News
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November 21st, 2012

Walking on fire, a sacred practice known in the records since 1200BC is definitely one of the most empowering experiences that a person can live.

Fire, an element of nature, referenced to the sun, the center of the galaxy, is an element of power, transformation and evolution to a higher awareness.

I decided to walk on fire not because I wanted to see if I can do it. I decided to do it because I know I can. So if I can walk on a sandy the beach, in the park, in nature, why not on fire?! It is just another act of walking within one of nature’s elements.

Everything is energy, and yes, fire is an energy element. My body is energy, and releases energy. Once I realized that I am one with the element of fire, it b
ecame me, and I became it. It became a soothing, loving, warming and healing agent.

It is the mind that creates the labels, the judgments, and associates the fears and blocks to whatever it wants to block or resist. When my mind decided that I am going to walk on burning coal that is 926 degrees centigrade as simply as walking on green grass, my body did that exactly, and no, no burns, no marks, not even redness on my feet.
And I ask myself, what have I held in my mind as impossible? And do I still want to do that? As I think again, it is just energy, and I know by now how to make the elements of energy work for me.

What is next…? The sky is the limit,,,
A Sky Fly

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