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28 December 2011 News
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Come and join me in a celebration of color and sound on Saturday the 21st of April, From 10:00 to 15:00, at Sapdunya, JBR, Dubai.

Soul Art in Color and Music Workshop & Colour Rendezvous Workshop

Spadunya and The Third Eye

invite you to discover the power of colour & its manifestations. The two days workshop will include a dive into creativity, and a detailed study of holistic well-being through Colour. Come and join us on a fun journey into the land of color magic. During the workshop you will be guided into reconnecting with your inner self, by acknowledging the beauty and strength points, and exploring your potent creative energy.

Day 1 – Soul Art workshop

You will be guided into acknowledging and reconnecting with the energy and vibration of color, and utilize this vibration in transforming yourself into a harmonized and balanced state of being in an interactive spontaneous exercise that is self reflecting and very releasing. You do not need to be an artist or know how to paint, you just need to reconnect with your inner child and bring it out to play.

The workshop will also include a unique Gong bath meditation through which you will have a magical experience of sound through every part of your body. Not only will you be relaxed and floating, but also you will reach a state of un-compared inner bliss. Note: you can attend either of the days or both.

Day 2: Colour as Therapy

his will be a detailed workshop on Colour as therapy and holistic wellbeing using Spadunya unique and efficacious organic colour therapy product – Altearah Bio. Learn about the history of perfumes, Chromotherapy and Altearah and how the science of Aromatherapy and Olfactory. During this workshop we will go through each of the 14 colours and what they mean, the colour test and how to use and recommend the Altearah Bio range of products.
The afternoon will include a demonstration of the specially created Infinite Harmony Emerald Massage and will end with a Guided Colour Meditation.

Benefits of Colour meditations include:
- Release Stress and Tension
- Deep Relaxation
- Enhance Well-Being
- Open and Clear Energy Centers (chakras, gateways)
- Awaken Intuition

About the Gong Bath:

A Gong Bath Meditation session is a musical composition that you hear and feel while your entire being bathes in sound and vibration.

At the beginning of the session, once you are reclined and comfortable, your facilitator will initiate a guided relaxation and breathing sequence to create a receptive meditative state in your body and mind. While you are in this receptive state of awareness, you will start experiencing the inspirational sound and transformational vibrations of the Gong. This creates in you an extended state of spontaneous meditation, cleanses your subconscious, and triggers a therapeutic relaxed state. This state of well-being facilitates the movement of vital life energy (mana, chi, prana) through your body for healing and awakens your consciousness for transformation.

More than a simple musical instrument, the Gong is an agent of transformation and experiencing a Gong Bath Meditation will change your body, mind, and spirit.

Benefits of a Gong Bath Meditation;
- Release Stress and Tension
- Deep Relaxation
- Enhance Well-Being
- Open and Clear Energy Centers (chakras, gateways)
- Personal Transformation
- Intention Integration
- Awaken Intuition

About the facilitators:

Abeer Ayash: is a Holistic Artists and a Mind, Body, Energy Practitioner A born artist, Abeer has always witnessed an innate connection with the metaphysical dimensions through which visions and inspirations flowed. Drawn from the infinite vault of the creative universe, she found that Art is a universal language that withstands time and space and is a living instant healing agent. As a healing artist, Abeer is able to connect to the divine soul of the individual in her healing sessions and communicate this connection in the form of a painting. The paintings thus carry the soul essence of the person and emanate healing vibrations every time the person looks at or meditates on it. Art is the greatest celebration of the human divinity and Abeer’s soul paintings are a personal whimsical dance spinning in themselves the secrets of creation.
Abeer is on a path of soul-searching and discovery with a clear realization that the journey is internal and that the universe lies within, where creation is inherent and anything else is an illusion. Walking the road to enlightenment, Abeer was introduced to ThetaHealing by The Third Eye and witnessed life-changing healing experiences. Sharing and spreading this awareness has become a life-calling which compelled Abeer to become a ThetaHealing Practitioner in 2009, and instructor in 2010, and a Master in 2011 certified from Vianna Stibal's ThetaHealing Institute with the knowing that in each and every healing of an individual, she healed as well.
In addition to ThetaHealing, Abeer specialized in Clinical Hypnotheapy from the California Hypnosis Institute of India in 2010 and currently practices both hypnotherapy and ThetaHealing, in addition to Pranic Healing, and Matrix Energetics.

Sandi Voges has been involved with Sound and Vibration Therapy since 2010 and has completed the Gong Bath Meditation Facilitators Training Course with Gong Master Lawrence Michael Enderle and The Way of the Gong Yoga Teacher Training Course with Gran Gong Master Don Conreaux.
With these certificates, Sandi hosts and facilitates Gong Bath Meditations and Sound and Vibration sessions and workshops. Sandi’s training and experience in Sound and Vibration allows her to lead and facilitate relaxation, meditation, and inspirational sessions in these modalities for the public and in private sessions. Sandi believes that, “Sound and Vibration Therapy in this part of the world is relatively new and once people have had the experience – they want more”.

Katrina Valente is a certified trainer for Spadunya and Altearah Bio. She has been trained in the Infinite Harmony Emerald Massage, especially created for Spadunya, by Renato of Biopulse, France. Katrina is recognized as one of the top beauty and facial consultants in the world. Her journey has taken her on many more practical and spiritual courses including Reflexology, Aromatheray, Reiki, Pranic healing, Colour and Crystal therapy, Kineseology, NLP coaching and more. Date: Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd April, 2012

Saturday 21st : Soul Art in Color and Music Workshop

(Dhs. 500)

Sunday 22nd : Spadunya Colour Rendezvous Workshop


Duration: from 10am to 3pm
Location: Spadunya Colour Experience - JBR - The Walk - Shams Bldg, Plaza level (behind swimming pool)
Energy exchange: 1000 Dhs (500 Dhs each day - inclusive of a light snack and refreshments)
Call Spadunya at 044393669 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to reserve your place
Only 15 seats available

Dress code:
Day 1: Be ready to splash colors every where, so please wear something that allows you to be comfortable and carefree
Day 2: Casual and comfortable
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