Self Journey Through Art with RIMA KADISSI

06 November 2012 News
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The Third Eye - Dubai

“Know Thyself”, two words of eternal significance. Contemplating this dictate leads the individual into a profound understanding of creation. It transforms unhappiness, fear, sadness, doubt, and all the negative emotions to meaningless.

For the second time, the Rainbow Vortex at The Third Eye is happy to host the Self Journey Through Art program facilitated by Rima Kaddissi. This remarkable program is a road map into the rebirth of the lost self while using art as one of its mediums.

The program’s fundamental aim is to answer the question:
Who am I? Have you asked yourself that question before?
Are you able to see who you really are?
Are you your true self, or just a product of your environment?

A person is a definite product of his/her environment to the extent that sometimes there is a loss of identity which leads the person to feel unaccomplished, un-complete and lost, unable to know what he/she wants from life, how to have a vision, or create a future.

This state of being often leads the person into a place of disconnection from self and environment. If not altered, this may lead to bareness of thought and act which may create personal and social issues where the person may fall into a victim/passive mode where the pure essence of his/her being is lost: the DIVINE ACT OF CREATING.

The SJTA program is a highly interactive and retrospective process through which a person shifts in awareness to become a whole unified independent INDIVIUAL.

How it works:

Rima will guide you through a creative intellectual, introspective process and an experience of understanding, acknowledging, releasing, mending, and recreating the pieces of your self. It is a process of healing, transformation, and evolution.

In addition to the inner realization, there is an analysis and understanding of the external world, and a creation of a language through which you will communicates with the environment while being whole and complete.

As a result of this process, you will shift from being a passive, dominated, imprinted receiver, to an active, empowered, creative avant-garde creator of reality, standing confidently in your reality, and projecting and individual vision of the future.


- Re-connect the individual to his/her own self
- Empower confidence trust and creative thinking and approach
- Create a language and approach to relay ideas and identity to surrounding
- Achieve a balance between self exploration and connectedness with society
- Learn how to find a personal concept, create it and execute it

Pre-qualification to this program:

- Curiosity to ask the question
- Motivation to seek, evolve, transform and create
- You do not need to be an artist to take part in this. Being an artist is not a talent, it is an intention. Every individual is an artist and this program is a process of discovering creativity

Who benefits from this program:

- Any individual seeking self understanding, realization and growth
- Individuals who are seeking to take art as a career.
- Professional artists seeking exploration, growth, renewal

To know more, join us on Tuesday, 6 November, 2012, 730pm at The Third Eye and meet Rima who will give an introductory talk about it.

Classes: Tuesday, November 13, 20, 27 + December 4 + open studio day to be decided
Timings: from 7 pm to 9 pm

Energy exchange: 1500 Dhs.

For more information and registration, contact me on
+971 50 455 71 48,
or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

About Rima Kadissi

Rima Kaddissi, a Visual & Performance Artist and Art Educator.

Born in Lebanon, 1978. She studied Performing Arts at the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK) - Kaslik (LB), and completed a Master of Fine Arts, in Performance & Visual Arts at DasArts - Amsterdam (NL).

Since 1999, her artwork including Performances, Videos, and Sound Installations were presented in various festivals and venues among which: Ashkal Alwan (LB), Madina Theater (LB), Monot Theater (LB), Lebanese Film Festival (LB), Ayyam Beirut Al-Cinemaiyya (LB), Riwaq Biennale (PS), DasArts (NL), De Balie (NL), Arab Film Week (DE), Video Reporting Award (DE), and Art Dubai (AE). Rima has developed the workshop SELF JOURNEY THROUGH ARTS, and created a tool to help individuals, artists and non-artists, explore their intellectual and emotional potential and divert it into a work of art, an idea or a project. Rima’s technique focuses on the thinking process in the contemporary art practice.

She has been involved in several projects in art centers and academic institutions in Beirut, Amsterdam & UAE since 1999, as an Artist Consultant and holding lectures, workshops and seminars.
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