Theta Shamanic Workshop

02 October 2011 News
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Workshop: Saturday, 29 October, 3:00 to 6:00 pm

Location: The Third Eye, Saeid Tower 2, Appartment 1101

‘Discover your power animal through a Shamanic journey from the 7th plane of existence’.

Would you like to awaken the sacred dream of life, to find your own vision, heal the past, and fulfill your potential?
Would you like to be in life with an open heart, to live in balance with yourself, with others and with all of creation as One part of the great Web Of Life!

With the introduction of this brand new workshop at the The Third Eye, come and experience the Shamanic journey with Abeer Ayash and Ashi Master Theta healers (THINK) USA, who will guide you through this amazing journey with the support of the purest energy of all that it is as it was taught to them by Vianna and Guy Stibal. This workshop will teach you how to connect with the purest energy of the 7th plane of existence through a mediation that will make your Shamanic journey safe and easy to experience.

In this workshop you will learn about the planes of existence and the shamanic state of consciousness through a theta brain wave through which you will meet your power animal, and travel into the shamanic spirit realms where your Spirit allies and guides reside. You will be part of a circle, learning from others’ experiences and questions. It is ideal for those who are new to the concepts of directly connecting with spirit, and it brings insight, clarity and empowerment to those who are familiar with meditative and telepathic worlds.

One aspect that distinguishes Shamanic healing from many of the other methods of spiritual healing is the partnership between the practitioner and the compassionate helping spirits. One way a shaman accesses the spirit world is through taking a journey, also known as soul flight, to engage their helping spirits for healing, information or problem solving. With the aid of a drum beat brainwave activity slows down inducing a "shamanic state of consciousness" where we have access to non-ordinary reality, the spirit realm. You don't have to be a healer or be called to become a shamanic practitioner to learn how to journey. It's a self-empowering skill that can be learned by anyone and enjoyed for personal healing and enrichment.

During the workshop, participants will learn what Shamans have known for centuries, that of entering a sacred place where Great Spirit talks to our Soul. With the help of the drumming technique you will enter into this spiritual world through inducing the Theta brain waves and connecting with the purest energy of all that it is. Through connection to the energy of creator of all that is, you will then be taken into the Shamanic journey in a safe and protected way to connect with your individual Power Animal and Spirit Guides. Each student will learn to communicate with their guides, to obtain answers to questions of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual dimensions which will give them wholeness and a greater sense well-being.

Some of the benefits of the workshop include:
- Learn to connect to the energy of all that is Learn how to enter non-ordinary reality and become comfortable with your Power Animal and seek Power Animal’s advice for your own questions.
- Receive personal healing from your Power Animals and advice from spirits to help you grow quickly on your path.
- Gain the ability to access your personal healing spirits for advice, personal empowerment and protection.
- Solve Problems and gather information Aquire a richer life and self realization
- Receive guidance to reach your goals by knowing your highest potential

Each participant will be using their power animals and spirit guides to obtain direction and answers for profound healings. So join us in obtaining the tools used by all Indigenous people to heal not only ourselves, but also the consciousness of our world with love by attaining balance with the Earth and all of creation.

Energy Exchange: Dhs. 400

Come and have a Shamanic experince through the creator of all that is.
For more info, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
or call 00971 50 455 7148
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