Self Journey Through Art

27 December 2011
The Third Eye - Dubai “Know Thyself”, two words of eternal significance. Contemplating this dictate leads the individual into a profound understanding of creation. It transforms unhappiness, fear, sadness, doubt, and all the negative emotions…
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The First International Art Symposium Sharm El Sheikh

24 December 2011
15 to 22 November, 2011 Savoy Hotels and resorts - Sharm El Sheikh On the 15th of November, I had the pleasure to participate in the First International Art Symposium in Sharm El Sheikh that…
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Theta Shamanic Workshop

02 October 2011
Workshop: Saturday, 29 October, 3:00 to 6:00 pm Location: The Third Eye, Saeid Tower 2, Appartment 1101 ‘Discover your power animal through a Shamanic journey from the 7th plane of existence’. Would you like to…
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Time Out recommends Hypnotherapy with Abeer Ayash For Dealing with Stress

21 June 2011
Hypnotherapy What’s it about? Hypnosis comes from the Greek word ‘hypnos’, meaning sleep, and hypnotherapists aim to bring about a deep state of relaxation to tap into the subconscious and reprogramme negative and learned reactions…
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ThetaHealing® Intuitive Anatomy Instructor course

20 June 2011
ThetaHealing® Rainbow Children Practitioner and Instructor course This summer is full of travels and wanders, self development and evolvement as I will be travelling to Idaho Falls in USA to meet my ThetaHealling Teacher Vianna…
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Ostraka International Festival Arts

14 June 2011
April/May Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt I have recently attended the Ostraka International Festival Arts from –29 April to 6 May Sharm El Sheikh – that was organized by artist and curator Mohammad Hemedah under the…
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