What is art but a metaphysical reflection?

Having art being the reflection of the human marveling about the riddle of existence and consequently its ambivalent emotions, a human awareness always implies itself in my works. My awareness is constantly in an existential debate dragging me into a prolonged state of queries, complimenting into the artistic spirituality, and hence contributing to the unending path of the artistic Maturity.

What do I ask of Art?

I strive to seize a flying moment in a colorful movement, and hold it fix, so that when you look at it, it moves again… hence it represents the celebration of life’s energy in all its colors and seasons…

Why do I do Art?

It has been said that more you lose yourself in something bigger than yourself, the more energy you will get in return. And the more you celebrate and praise your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.

For me Art is the most amazing manifestation of human celebration of their divinity. To be able to create is the ultimate reason of the human existence. In a genuine artistic creation, the artist is detached from the 4 dimensions in a trans like state, where the unknown vanishes and secrets of creation and creator are revealed. I create, therefore, I am. I create, therefore I am divine.