‘Art is the greatest celebration of human divinity and soul painting is a personal whimsical dance, spinning in itself the secrets of Creation.' Abeer Ayash

Soul Painting

Being a Healer and an Artist, I found that there is a close connection between those two worlds. Color is just a manifestation of a vibrating energy and the human being is a similar one. When the energy is flowing smoothly and effortlessly, and is uninterrupted, a perfect state of being is achieved.

Being a Thetahealer, I am able to connect to the soul and essence of the individual. During a short Thetahealing session*, we will be able to clear any emotional block, release negative beliefs, and balance the energy field. After the session, the person will be in an ultimate state of balance, love and peace.

By using a Thetahealing technique, I am able to connect to that essence and ask that it is captured in my mind in its highest form of vibration and in colors. I would then take 2 to 3 weeks to channel this composition. Whatever is channeled and composed in the artwork will be a representation of the energy field that was the result of the healing session.

Since color is a vibrating energy, and the human body is a vibrational energy field, when the person looks or meditates at the painting, the composition and color effect will recreate the same healing effect that the person experienced after the healing. Thus, the painting becomes a constant permanent healing agent in in the person’s space.

*A session can be done face to face, or over skype or phone, and the painting will be shipped to you once is completed.

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