After having created many Soul Paintings for my clients, I have recently started experimenting in a new kind of healing art. I call it ABEER Vibrational Art.

Where the Soul Painting is individual and specific for the person for whom it is being done, the Vibrational Art paintings are pieces, which can be owned by anyone and used in any space. The effect will be instantly uplifting and shifting.

How does it work?
Vibrational Art is a synthesis and a technique that I started experimenting with in my painting, which to my knowledge, has not been done anywhere else. It functions similarly as Vibrational healing. To understand how it works, first, let us discuss what is Vibrational Healing?

Vibrational Healing has been successfully practiced all over the world for thousands of years and it is now been implemented alongside mainstream medicine in the form of aromatherapy, essential oils, homeopathy, and acupuncture, to name a few.

Vibrational Healing is based on the concept of energy flow and energy meridians. Similar to veins and nerves, there are energy meridians in the body where energy flows. If the energy is blocked or there is too much of it in one area, the body is in a state of dis-ease. Vibrational healing aims at releasing any block, and re-aligning energy flow with the energetic and physical body, hence healing the body and mind.

Vibrational Art

Where Vibrational Healing uses the vibrational quality of either oils, flowers, or herbs to align the energy, in my Vibrational Art I use the vibrational quality of symbols, numbers and colors to balance and enhance energy flow in an artwork.

By applying the science of Biogeometry (techniques, bio-signatures, shapes, numbers), the painting will be emanating a balanced and energized field of energy that will have a direct effect on people and any other living being in the same space of the artwork. This effect will promote a healthy mind, body and spirit environment.

Here is a practical test of the effect of the Vibrational Art painting:

The above picture is taken using an aura reader software. Notice the congested and intermingling lines of energy within and around the figure. This shows that energy is not flowing as it should be.
The above picture is taken after holding a Vibrational Art painting. A flow in energy is clearly depicted in the auric field of the person. A dominant yellow color appears to be flowing which was not available before. This shows that the energy center that was week or blocked - in this case the solar plexus - is now activated and the energy is flowing smoothly through it.
This experiment shows you that having a Vibrational Art painting in any space will uplift the energy and promote a healthy flow, which will have a direct impact on the mind, body and soul of people.

Vibrational Art paintings are great gift ideas and are very reasonably priced. They are also very suitable for Hospitals, Nurseries, schools, well being centers or simply anywhere where energy might be stagnant or need clearing and balancing. It is an instant enhancement of the living environment.

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